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As software engineers, we make software, databases, and electronics play nicely together.

Our track record of success on complex projects is no accident. We thrive on digging into details, selecting appropriate resources and tools, and rolling up our sleeves to get the job done - fast and right.

Whether you need an experienced software analyst/designer/coder behind the scenes, or a personable software engineer to help define requirements with your client, rest assured that we have successfully helped businesses, large and small, around the world.

Apply our fascination with problem-solving and unique programming challenges to good advantage on your project.

It costs nothing to call and discuss your project - why not do it now?

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  • device drivers
    • communication (UART, GPIB)
    • tape and disk drives
    • file systems
  • X-Y table for Plasma Cutter, input from DXF files
  • communication protocols
  • Microsoft RTC applications (Live Messenger technology)
  • distributed database
  • FAT file system on Flash memory
  • real-time systems
  • bootstrap loader
  • embedded software
  • data acquisition
  • GPS (NMEA/IGC logged to SD memory card)
  • pressure sensors (barometric pressure, airspeed)
  • accelerometer, gyro, quadrature encoders
  • motor speed & position control
  • sensor-driven applications (robotics)
  • software tools & utilities
  • telecommunications exchange infrastructure
    • protocols
    • routing & billing
    • exchange architecture
  • client-server database applications & websites
  • disk defragmentation & compression
  • customized programming training courses


  • Arduino, PC, PIC, 68K, x86, PC/104, VME, Teknor
  • National Instruments, Keithley, SimpleStep
  • Parallel Port IO
  • Windows, Unix, Linux, QNX, iRMX
  • C, Assembler, Visual Basic, C#, Javascipt, Perl, PHP, Tcl/Tk
  • SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Borland BDE, MySQL
  • Microsoft RTC (Real-Time Communications) SDK API
  • Crystal Reports, Access Reports
  • Excel/Word/Access VBA
  • Visual Studio (.NET, 2005), Borland Delphi IDE
  • Windows Server, Terminal Server
  • Wyse thin client terminals, Digi port servers
  • Internet protocols, TCP/IP, DNS, Routers, VPN, HTTP


  • Yourdon Structured Software Development
  • TRW Spiral Model for Project Management

Independent consultant since 1997. Member Microsoft ISV (Independent Software Vendor), Sage Software Simply Accounting Developer.




Mike Luckham
Sunrise Systems Software, 18 Harold St S, Box 658, Ridgetown, Ontario N0P 2C0
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